Yoga Novice's Guide to Making the Most of RYT Certification

Yoga Novice’s Guide to Making the Most of RYT Certification

You want to become a certified yoga teacher? It is time to start looking for a registered yoga teacher training. Confused? Sign up for the RYT certification to become a professional yoga teacher. This certification offers you an in-depth look at what yoga is about.

RYT certification is not only a piece of paper. It is your ticket to experience yoga’s physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. But, only earning this certification is not enough. You should know what to do after getting it.

To help you do that, yoga experts have come up with a guide. First, let us check out what you should do before enrolling in yoga teacher training.

Things to Do Before Joining the RYT Certification

Yoga experts have come up with 3 simple things you should do before signing up for the RYT certification.

1. Take Some Time Off

Yes! It is the exact opposite of what you have to do. But the YTT is physically and mentally taxing. You must be well-rested before teaching yoga to others. To be a certified yoga teacher is no small thing. It is a life-long commitment.

You should take a break between yoga practice and the yoga teacher training. This ensures you do not suffer from a serious injury during the yoga teacher training.

2. Set An Intention

The yoga teacher training demands total mental and physical commitment. Before you sign up for the yoga teacher training set a clear intention. Do you want to unlock your mental and physical potential or take up yoga as a permanent career? Have a clear goal behind why you want to join it.

3. Read

Joining the RYT certification demands a lot from you. You have to gather knowledge about yoga before teaching the same to others. Read yoga literature like Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. These help you prepare mentally for the yoga teacher training.

Now, some are always a bit skeptical about joining the RYT certification. The benefits mentioned below will help you make the right decision.

Benefits of RYT Certification

Given below are 3 major benefits of the RYT certification.

1. Become the Best Yoga Teacher

The RYT program helps you understand how subtle energies work in your body. You understand the true capabilities of your mind and body. With such deep knowledge you also get the right skills to teach yoga in its true form. In other words, you become the best yoga teacher.

2. Access to Unlimited Opportunities

The RYT certification opens the doorway to unlimited employment opportunities for you. It also gives you a chance to get a customized profile on Yoga Alliance website. This gives you enough options of yoga schools looking to hire a registered yoga teacher.

3. Gain Credibility

Do you know that Yoga Alliance registry mark is a recognized symbol in the yoga community? A major benefit of RYT is it increases your credibility as a yoga teacher. Yes! This symbol ensures the yoga students that you are skilled enough to teach yoga.

But, for you to reap these benefits there is a strategy. The information below will provide you with step-by-step procedure for the same.

Guide to Maximize RYT Certification Benefits

The difference between becoming a certified yoga teacher and completing the RYT certification?Advanced planning.

Whether you want to become an RYT 200 or 500, proper planning will help you do that.

That said, given below is what you need to do after completing the RYT program.

1. Organize

After you earn the RYT certification it is time to bring everything into order. Arrange every yoga-related document in a sequential order for future reference. You should have registration information, yoga insurance, and release forms.

2. Register

Yes! After completing the RYT program it is time to make a name for yourself. This is possible by registering with Yoga Alliance. Doing this opens up doors to employment with reputed yoga schools and studios.

3. Get Insured

Whether you plan to teach independently or work with a yoga school, insurance is must. There are many agencies that deal in yoga insurance. This makes you safe against accidents or injuries during the yoga session. It is a necessary step for you to enjoy the benefits of RYT certification.

Becoming a yoga teacher is not only about knowing asanas. You have to be a role model for others. It is the job for someone who can be an inspiration for others to look up to.


To become a certified yoga teacher is no small task. You must enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school and complete the RYT certification.