200 RYT

What Makes 200 RYT Perfect For Beginner Yoga Practitioners?

As a beginner yoga practitioner, the hardest thing is to know where to get started. More confusing than that is whether to join a 200 hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training course. Well, as a newbie, we recommend that you should join 200 RYT. Without a doubt, it is one of the best yoga teacher training courses for anyone new to the yoga world.

We suggest you first get acquainted with the 200 RYT. After learning about it, you can go through different features of the 200 RYT course. This will help you know why it is perfect for you as a beginner. Without any delay, let’s jump right into it. Keep reading.

200 RYT: Introduction

200 RYT contains two words, one is 200 and the other is RYT. RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. Whereas, 200 signifies the number of hours you are going to spend learning yoga once you join this course.

Thus, you spend 200 hours in a registered yoga teacher course to get familiar with basic yoga principles and techniques. The course lasts for 28 days and its budget differs from one yoga school to the other.

The term ‘registered’ in RYT means that the course is registered with Yoga Alliance. Therefore, you become eligible for Yoga Alliance certification on completion of the course. This is the perfect course for beginners since everything is taught in a fairly easy way.

Let us now have a look at some of the basic features of the 200-hour RYT course. It will make you aware of the different elements of yoga. Read on.

Basic Features of 200 RYT

Yoga Poses

For a perfect start to the art of yoga, learning basic yoga poses is crucial. Once you become a master of basic yoga asanas, practicing complex ones becomes easier. Therefore, 200 RYT helps you know the right technique to practice different yoga poses.

Meditation Practice

Meditation is one of the vital elements of yoga when you wish to become a yoga master. That is why you need to learn about its significance and types. When you learn how meditation practice governs your mind, you will fall in love with this yoga practice. So, another reason to join 200 RYT is to learn about the art of meditation in depth.

Pranayama Variations

Being aware of different forms of breathing techniques helps you learn how to generate energy in different ways. Moreover, with the right breathing technique, you harness limitless pure energy within your body. It makes all other tasks at hand easier. Thus, it is another great reason to join this course.


Do you know mantra chanting comes in handy to change your mental mechanisms? Not only that, chanting the right mantras changes the way your mind and body function. That is what you will be learning once you enroll in the 200 RYT course. It further gives you a glimpse into the depth of yoga, mantras, and Sanskrit.

Yoga Philosophy

Do you wish to live a simpler life? In that case, getting familiar with the philosophy of yoga will help you the best. There are unlimited techniques and pathways you can use to live a simpler yet happier life. That is at your disposal once you learn yoga books and manuscripts. However, for that, you need to join the 200 RYT course.

Variety of Yoga Forms

Don’t you think you must have a choice when it comes to choosing a yoga form? Well, that is another reason you must consider before joining the 200 RYT course. You become aware of the existence of a variety of yoga forms.

You get acquainted with Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, and Kundalini yoga. Apart from these, you even get yoga for seniors, pregnant women, children, or sports. In short, you get plenty of options at your disposal.

In a Nutshell

200 RYT offers a complete package for beginner yoga practitioners. Most importantly, your base becomes stronger ensures you practice advanced yoga practices without any hassle. While joining the 200 RYT course, make sure you go with the Yoga Alliance registered course only.

Enrolling in a certified course ensures you earn a yoga certification that is valid across the globe. Hence, you get to practice and train in any part of the world without earning any new yoga certifications. Over time, you become a yoga master without any hassle.