Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Teacher Training

To become a certified yoga teacher is much more than just teaching asanas. The role of a yoga teacher requires you to be a role model for individuals looking to improve their overall quality of life.

Whether it is losing weight or getting rid of anxiety, as a yoga teacher you are responsible for helping others. It is a major reason why yoga teacher trainingis so much in demand.

But, that is not all the yoga teacher training does.

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga experts from around the world have come up with four powerful benefits to enrolling in a yoga teacher training program.

1. Deepens Personal Yoga Practice

The yoga teacher training program takes your yoga practice to another level. You learn advanced yoga techniques from highly skilled yoga teachers which helps you understand the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

2. Helps Connect with Yourself

Do you know that deep breathing is what establishes a solid mind-body connection? The yoga teacher trainingoffers you lessons in advanced yogic techniques like meditation, Pranayama, and breathing techniques. Practicing these helps you connect with your true self and the supreme consciousness.

3. Form Life-Long Connections

The yoga teacher training program is not just a place for you to go learn yoga and leave. Thousands of yoga enthusiasts come from all over the world to learn this spiritual art. You also have the chance to connect with people from all walks of life to acquire new experiences.

This helps broaden your perspective on things and at the same time, forge new friendships which continue even after you complete the training.

4. Makes You Independent

The yoga teacher trainingoffers much more than just yoga lessons. It offers you the freedom and confidence to dive deeper into yoga. In the long run, you have the option of joining a reputed yoga studio as a certified yoga teacher or start your own business.

All this requires courage which is where the YTT program comes into the picture. It makes you realize the hidden mental and physical potential and live life to the full.

However, for you to experience these wonderful benefits of YTT, you must select the right place to learn yoga.

Tips to Find the Best Yoga Teacher Training Program

Given below are four tips to help you find the best yoga teacher training program.

1. Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Yes! If you wish to teach yoga in the future then it is imperative to have the right certification. Yoga Alliance is an international non-profit organization that has laid down the protocols and standards for teaching yoga.

Make sure you complete the YTT program from a yoga school that is Yoga Alliance certified. It is only then you would be liable for insurance. Moreover, it gives you the skills and knowledge which align with those set by Yoga Alliance.

In the long run, a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training is what makes it easier for you to work as a yoga teacher.

2. Research the Instructors

Make sure you collect as much information about the yoga teachers as possible. Check out how long they have been into teaching yoga, and from where they acquired their yoga teacher certification. Finding out this information makes it easier to decide if the yoga school is right fit for you or not.

3. Choose the Best Working Hours

For some, checking out from their everyday life and going to a yoga retreat works the best. For others, training during evenings and weekends seems the best.

Therefore, yoga experts recommend that you give a proper thought to the idea of becoming a full-time yoga teacher. If you have a lot on your plate then it is better to choose a weekend or evening yoga teacher trainingprogram.

4. Check Out the Anatomy Classes

For you to become a certified yoga teacher, the yoga teacher traininghas to have a strong anatomy section. You should do a thorough research on what the yoga school offers in that particular section of the YTT program.

A deep understanding of human anatomy makes it easier for you to improve personal yoga practice and help others do the same. Moreover, it also proves your mettle as a certified and knowledgeable yoga teacher.


If you want to share and spread this knowledge of yoga to others, the yoga teacher trainingis the best decision you can take. Make sure you enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to learn complete and authentic yoga from the true yoga masters.