RYT Certification

Yoga Beginner’s Guide to RYT Certification

Want to become a certified yoga instructor? Then you are probably aware of the term RYT, short for Registered Yoga Teacher. As of this moment, it is widely preferred by yoga studios when they are hiring new yoga teachers.

Want to know more about this certification? Yoga experts have come up with a small guide to help you find the answer.

RYT Certification – A Brief Introduction

The RYT certification is a distinction given once you accomplish a yoga teacher training that meets Yoga Alliance requirements. RYT, short for Registered Yoga Teacher is someone who has accomplished an intensive YTT program from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school.

There are many yoga studios and schools that require the new yoga teacher to possess an RYT certification. It gives them an assurance that the individual teaching yoga possesses complete theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga and is Yoga Alliance certified.

Needless to say, there are some major benefits to being an RYT.

Benefits of Becoming an RYT

The completion of RYT certification and registering with Yoga Alliance does offer some major benefits like:

Access to Thousands of Yoga Schools

Becoming an RYT opens up the doors to having your customized profile. This gives you a chance to provide every necessary information, whether it is your contact details or images of you training at a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school.

With all this data added to your RYT profile, you give the students a clear idea about how they will learn yoga under your guidance. In the long run, this gives you enough options of yoga schools looking to hire an RYT with the same requirements.

Be the Best Yoga Teacher

Completing RYT certification helps you understand the subtle energies at play and how your physical body works. You get an idea of the capabilities of your mind and body which helps you design personal yoga practice and teach it to other yoga aspirants.

In other words, you are ready to practice yoga at home and even teach it during class.

Improves Credibility

A major advantage of becoming an RYT is improved credibility. Yoga Alliance Registry mark is a recognized symbol in the yoga community. Earning this symbol boosts your credibility which makes it easier to find employment with a reputed yoga school.

However, for you to experience these benefits, you have to develop the right strategy.

That said, yoga experts have come up with a few simple steps to help you maximize the RYT certification benefits.

Steps to Maximize RYT Certification Benefits

Always remember, planning to become a yoga teacher and walking that path are two different things.

Whether you want to earn the 200-hour RYT certification or enroll in advanced training, planning the right way helps you at every step of the journey.

That said, given below are a few easy-to-follow steps to make the most of the RYT certification.


After you earn the RYT certification, it is time to organize everything in order. Whether it is your journal, yoga texts, or handouts, everything has to be put into a particular order.

Yoga experts recommend that you keep documents like registration information, insurance certificate, and release forms in a safe place. You should keep digital copies of the same.


Although this is a matter of personal choice, registering with Yoga Alliance does come with some benefits. Yes! having a Yoga Alliance membership after becoming an RYT helps open the doors to employment with a certified yoga school or institute.

Buy Insurance

Whether you plan to work at a yoga studio or teach independent sessions, you will need insurance. There are insurance agencies that specialize in yoga teacher insurance plans to keep you safe against any accidents during the yoga practice session.

Create a CV

The RYT certification makes it clear that you are a qualified yoga teacher. However, you still need to arrange them all in a specific order. Create a yoga CV that contains the yoga teaching skills, experience, and level of yoga knowledge. Yoga experts recommend that you try volunteering at the local yoga studio or teach yoga to friends and family.

Keep Practicing

If you want to keep teaching yoga with fresh skills, you must practice this spiritual art even after accomplishing the RYT program. Always remember, the key to learning new things in yoga is to always remain a student.

This is how the RYT can help you become a certified and knowledgeable yoga teacher.


Do you want to take up the mantle of a certified yoga teacher? Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school and join the best RYT certification program. The skills and techniques you acquire in the duration of this course would open up doors of employment as an RYT.