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RYT 200 – The Gateway to Understanding Mantra Yoga

Do you know that mantras can help you dive deeper into yoga practice? Mantras are words, phrases, and sounds that you combine with a meditation or yoga session. Mantras are the best tool to help you focus your mind on a word or phrase to calm the ever-pacing mind. If you want to understand more about this, enroll in the RYT 200 program. That said, let us first understand what is a Mantra.

The Meaning of Mantra

Mantra is a Sanskrit word and is further divided into two different parts. The first one Man refers to the mind, the second part Tra means transport or vehicle. Practicing mantras improves your quality of life. These come in handy when practicing yoga or meditation. 

Let us now understand what Mantra yoga is all about.

What is Mantra Yoga? 

Mantra yoga is one of the 6 branches of yoga which includes chanting syllables, verses, or Vedic hymns. The ultimate goal of this style of yoga is to help you find salvation. Mantra and yoga are complementary to each other. 

Do you know the interesting story of origin behind this yoga style? 

Origin of Mantra Yoga 

You can trace the origins of Mantra yoga back to the Vedas and Tantra. There is proof that yoga came into existence in the form of Mantra yoga. Rig Veda contains the primary teachings of this yoga style.

This style of yoga is more than a spiritual practice. Every hymn or verse practiced in Mantra yoga carries a unique vibration. The vibration resonates with the sound of universal consciousness. It helps you achieve divinity.

The Yoga Alliance certificate helps you learn and practice this yoga style with ease. There are certain syllables or verses that you repeat over and over to deepen the yoga practice. This process, known as Japa is why Mantra yoga is also known as Japa yoga. 

Do you know there are different elements of Mantra yoga? Yoga experts have come up with a small guide for the same.

Elements of Mantra Yoga

There are five different elements that form the core of Mantra yoga practice.

1. Rishi (Seer) 

Seers are the ancient spiritual teacher who discovered the mantra. They did so by hearing or realizing the sounds during a high state of consciousness. Seers are the medium who pass the mantra to their followers. The RYT 200 has some of the most experienced yoga teachers to help you learn Mantra yoga.

2. Chhanda (Meter)

A meter is the pronunciation, rhythm, and way of reciting the mantra to please the deity. Every mantra you practice has a specific meter linked to it.

3. Devta (Deity)

Every mantra has a specific deity presiding over it. As a practitioner, you assimilate the qualities and consciousness of the said deity. The Yoga Alliance certificate helps you learn how to invoke the deity with the right mantra.

4. Bija (Seed) 

Bija is the essence of the mantra which grants special power. Keep in mind that it is the seed that stimulates the energy centers in your body. Moreover, Bija is a vital element for you to see the fruition of the said mantra.

5. Tattva (Element) 

Tattva is what helps you get the desired result by chanting a specific mantra. Every mantra includes the nature of all five elements and one of the 3 Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, or Tamas).

All these five elements combine to offer you some major benefits of Mantra yoga.

Benefits of Mantra Yoga As Per 200 RYT 

Mantra yoga is the best yoga style that synchronizes your mind, body, and soul. You chant the mantras linked with sacred powers. At the same time, the hymns leave a positive impact on your body’s energy centers.

Given below are some awesome benefits of Mantra yoga. 

  • Every mantra has its own vibration which helps cleanse your body. It helps you get rid of negative emotions like jealousy, fear, arrogance, and confusion.
  • Mantra yoga is a powerful yogic practice to balance out the three Doshas. It also stimulates the flow of Amrita (nectar of divine bliss) from the crown towards the root chakra.
  • Practicing Mantra yoga increases your sense of awareness, concentration, and control over mind.


Do you want to unlock the hidden mental and physical potential with yoga? It is time for you to enroll in the RYT 200 to learn and practice Mantra yoga under the guidance of experts.