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200 Hour YTT: Eligibility, Syllabus, & Other Key Elements

To become a master at yoga, taking the first step in the right direction is crucial. Hence, you must become acquainted with the things necessary to start a yoga journey. Out of all, the right yoga teacher training course is the most important. Therefore, as a beginner yoga practitioner, a 200 hour YTT course is something that you must not look over.

Hence, we brought a brief guide about 200 hour YTT, its eligibility criteria, syllabus, and selection criteria. Apart from that, our experts even formulated key points signifying the importance of the Yoga Alliance certification and the merits of choosing it. Let’s begin slowly by introducing you to the 200 hour YTT course.

200 Hour YTT: Introduction

200 hour YTT stands for 200 hour yoga teacher training. It is a yoga course designed specifically for beginners. Even if you have never stepped on a yoga mat or never even stretched a little, this is just for you.

This beginner-friendly course helps you explore the yoga world without any hassle. Hence, you become aware of different dimensions of human life. Apart from that, this course even gets you familiar with different elements of yoga.

In short, a 200 hour YTT course is enough to clear all your yoga basics. After the completion of this course, you gain deeper insights into the art of yoga.

The question arises – Is there any minimum eligibility to join a 200 hour YTT course? For that, you should read the following points.

200 Hour YTT Eligibility

One of the most important points about 200 hour YTT eligibility is that there are no criteria. It means anyone from anywhere in the world can join this course.

No matter if you are physically strong or not to practice yoga, you can join the course. Moreover, it does not even consider the level of your yoga practice.

Hence, a newbie is always eligible to enroll in the 200 hour YTT course. With the emergence of a multitude of 200 hour YTT courses, how can you choose the best one? For that, the following points will help you out.

Selection Criteria For 200 Hour YTT

Mind the Yoga Certification
The very first step you should take is to check the yoga certification. Make sure the 200 hour YTT course is Yoga Alliance certified only. Every yoga practitioner is aware of the significance of the Yoga Alliance certification.

Hence, you should only enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour YTT course. If the chosen course is not registered , you should not enroll in it.

Choose Location
Do you know what are the benefits of the chosen location for your yoga practice? The environment shapes your mind and boosts your mental structure. This means you must be aware of which yoga destination are you going to.

Beginners should choose a calm and serene location to join the 200 hour YTT course. This ensures your whole focus is on learning the art of yoga. However, in any other case, your practice might hamper. So, you should give deeper thought to choosing the right yoga destination.

Check Yoga Forms
Exploration is the key to finding the right 200 hour YTT course and a yoga form. As a beginner, you might get intimidated by looking at people practicing a variety of yoga forms. However, once you become aware of the diverse forms of yoga, everything becomes crystal clear to you.

When you choose a 200 hour YTT course, you must look for what you need to practice. Then look at the chosen course whether it offers what you wish to learn or not. If yes, you are free to join the course. Otherwise, you must look at another 200 hour YTT course.

Learn About Teaching Faculty
Another crucial point is the teaching faculty at the chosen 200 hour YTT course. Check whether the teaching faculty is certified or not. Not just any certification rather the Yoga Alliance certification. Apart from that, you should check their experience at teaching yoga.

For the best analysis, you should have a conversation with the faculty. Learn about their philosophy on life and specialization. Choose a teacher with whom you can connect while conversing. Otherwise, there is no point in learning yoga from someone you don’t resonate with.

Check Access to Yoga Material
Yoga material is one of the most important points that you should be aware of while checking a 200 hour YTT course. It includes yoga blocks, bolsters, mats, and blankets. All these things play an important role in simplifying your yoga practice.

Another element of yoga material is yoga books. They are the most important elements since they improve your knowledge. So, you should know whether you are going to get access to yoga material or not. If not, you must consider changing the chosen 200 hour YTT course.

Off-Mat Activities
After a long day at yoga practice, how will you spend your free time? These come under off-mat activities. Rest and recovery play an important role in enhancing your yoga practice. Thus, you should know about ways to spend your free time wisely.

People heading to Rishikesh can go hiking, river rafting, bungee jumping, walking on trails, and much more. These activities calm your mind and improve your physical performance. Therefore, you return stronger and calmer to your yoga class.

You should follow the above-mentioned points when you choose a 200 hour YTT course. This ensures you chose the right course and have the best yoga experience.

Yoga certification is an important aspect of the 200 hour YTT course. Thus, let us get familiar with the Yoga Alliance. Moreover, read on to learn why you should go with the Yoga Alliance certification only.

Yoga Alliance: A Glimpse

Established in the USA, the Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization. It issues yoga certifications to yoga teachers and yoga schools. The Yoga Alliance ensures there is distribution of true yoga only. Moreover, it has a set of rules by which every registered yoga school should comply.

In short, it works towards the betterment of yoga practitioners. Furthermore, the Yoga Alliance does not offer any yoga teacher training courses. For that, you need to join a yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance.

A few good points concerning why you should join the Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour YTT course are as follows.

Why Only Yoga Alliance Certification?

Become Yoga Alliance Member
Not every 200 hour YTT course will help you become a Yoga Alliance member. It is possible only when you join a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour YTT course. It means you get to enjoy all the perks and offers that a member enjoys.

You even get to work with bigger brands in the yoga world. In short, your yoga journey will become easier with the right certification on your hand.

Access to Online Directories
The Yoga Alliance has numerous online directories available at your disposal. These come in handy to improve your yoga knowledge. Therefore, joining a certified 200 hour YTT is important. You learn from a genuine source that is accessible anytime you wish.

Moreover, you can access it from any part of the world. It helps in removing all the doubts or confusion. All that is possible only with the Yoga Alliance certification. So, make sure that the course you choose is certified with the Yoga Alliance.

Weekly Workshops
Whether you are a certified yoga teacher or not, weekly workshops are always the best. These are organized by venerable yoga masters. Therefore, you always learn something new in these weekly workshops. In case you are not a member, there might be heavy charges.

However, for members, the cost could be minimal or even free. This is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with learned faculty. You get the chance to enhance your knowledge over weekends.

Collaboration With Brands
The world of yoga is heavily commercialized. It means plenty of brands are getting into the world of yoga to sell their products and services. However, for that, they need fresh faces who practice yoga. In short, they need brand ambassadors.

For that, practitioners need yoga certifications. Thus, more preference is given to the individuals having a Yoga Alliance certification. Therefore, it could be the perfect chance to get into marketing and yoga at the same time.

Genuine Clients
The Yoga Alliance has an online platform that also works as a portfolio for yoga practitioners. Once you earn the title of a certified yoga teacher, you get listed on this online portfolio. It is accessible to yoga students who want to hire a teacher.

So, you get listed and that helps you have more students. Not just that, you get genuine clients to improve your overall exposure and face value. In short, the Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour YTT course is important.

The significance of the 200 hour YTT course is unmatched for beginner yoga practitioners. Let us get you familiar with the 200 hour YTT syllabus. These points are a brief introduction to the course syllabus.

200 Hour YTT Syllabus

Yoga Alignment & Adjustment
Yoga Philosophy
Anatomy & Physiology
Different Yoga Forms
Mantra Chanting
Meditation Practice
Teaching Methodology
Yoga Nidra

The above-mentioned are the major elements of 200 hour YTT syllabus. When you attend classes, you get in-depth knowledge about each element. This prepares you for complex or intense yoga practice over time.

Merits of Enrolling in 200 Hour YTT

Perfect Start
200 hour YTT course offers a slow pace and tempo. That means you get enough time to connect with what is going on in the class. Hence, you get time to enjoy and grasp new things. Rather than moving hastily through yoga practices, you become aware of their depth and significance.

After you get 200 hour YTT certification, you become eligible to join either 300 hour or 500 hour YTT courses. Hence, it prepares you for the upcoming challenges in the yoga world.

Know About Yoga Forms
Mostly, newbie yoga practitioners just practice Hatha yoga. The reason is the lack of information at their end. However, joining a 200 hour YTT course helps in tackling that. After joining the course, you gain better insight into different forms of yoga.

This makes choosing the right yoga type easier without any hassle. Hence, reaching your desired goal is in the tangible range with the 200 hour YTT course.

Get Certification
The most crucial reason to join a 200 hour YTT course is that you get a certificate. Not just any certificate but a Yoga Alliance certification. Hence, you become RYT 200 after getting the certification. With that, you become eligible to join 300 hour YTT and level up your practice.

So, to earn your way in the yoga world, the 200 hour YTT certification will help you a lot. That is why you should earn this certification.

Meet Yoga Masters
How often do you meet learned venerable yoga masters? If daily, you are lucky. However, not everyone is that lucky. In that case, joining a 200 hour YTT course is the only option. This gives you a lifetime chance to practice yoga with venerable yoga masters.

They pour precious knowledge right in front of you. You can have a useful conversation with them to get answers. Hence, it is going to be a life-changing experience for you.

Connect With Nature
One of the major advantages of heading on to a yoga destination is that you get to connect with nature. It heals your mind and soothes your senses. In short, you relax to your core. Hence, joining a 200 hour YTT course should be your priority to get ahead in yoga practice and health.

Your body’s cycles are restored while spending time in nature. Moreover, it raises your awareness and frequency of your mind. You get a new outlook on life with the course.

Spiritual Path
Yoga is merely a part of spirituality. All the yogic practices help you get an easy approach into the spiritual dimension. So, you should join a 200 hour YTT course to explore the spiritual dimension. When you explore it, you become aware of numerous details that lie hidden within you.

Sum Up

200 hour YTT course is just the beginning of the long yoga journey that lies ahead of you. This will make you stronger at the physical as well as the mental level. With everything going in your favor, you enjoy an easy-going life.